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Financial Statements Overview


Sample Technology Corporation
Income Statement
For the Year Ended December 31, 2011

Net Sales    
     Less: Sales returns and allowances    
Cost of Goods Sold    
Gross Profit    
Selling, General and Administrative Expenses    
      Advertising expenses    
      Taxes and insurance    
      Depreciation and amortization expense    
      Bad debts expense    
      Other selling, general and administrative expenses    
Operating Income (Loss)    
Other Revenues and Gains    
     Interest income    
     Gain on sale of investment    
Other Expenses and Losses    
     Interest expense    
     Loss on sale of equipment    
Income (Loss) from Continuing Operations before Income Taxes    
Income Taxes Expense    
Income (Loss) from Continuing Operations    
Discontinued Operations:    
     Gain (Loss) from operations of discontinued business segment
        (Net of income tax effect of $     )
     Gain (Loss) on disposal of business segment
        (Net of income tax effect of $     )
Extraordinary Gain (Loss) from Early Extinguishment of Debts
        (Net of income taxes effect of $     )
Net Income (Loss)    
Earnings per Common Share:    
     Income from Continuing Operations    
     Discontinued Operations    
     Extraordinary Gain (Loss)    
     Net Income (Loss)    

Components of Income Statement
   Examples of Revenue and Gain Accounts
   Examples of Expense and Loss Accounts

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